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Channel sales strategy in a subscription economy is different. Different sales cycles, different sales metrics, different relationships, and a different skills set.  Through our virtual education platform, we will provide all the competencies you will need to change your world.

We eat, drink and sleep channel sales strategy and have worked with the world’s largest companies to solve their most complex Go-To-Market challenges over the past 20 years.  As the global economy transforms around subscription based products and services, new skills are required to dominate the mindshare and investment of the reseller network to bring your products to market.

Our collective knowledge, expertise, and passion for the subject have been packaged to teach you these important competencies which will ensure your professional relevancy into the future.

Our Leader

Genius is the ability to make the complex, simple

A thought leader in international channel sales strategy, Greg has over 25 years of experience with the world's largest companies in designing and executing aggressive growth channel sales models around the world. Greg is a popular speaker on a wide range of Go-To-Market topics such as direct and indirect sales leadership, business transformation, M&A, digital marketing and start-up strategy.

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