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“I have attend Channel Sales World Training held by Greg recently, and personally have learnt a lot from his lecture. He has provided a new insight to how to work with different types of partners, where to pay attention to and how to stimulate interests from working alongside with them. A very fruitful and worth your time contents.”

Head of Channels, North Asia at Check Point Software.

David Lai

“Greg is a great coach who, through his wealth of experience and knowledge, provided me with some great insights in to how my team can successfully change our approach to Channel business.”

UK&I Channel Security Engineering Manager at Check Point Software Technologies.

Mark Hitchins

“Thank you, Greg! Great sessions…one of the best training I’ve ever attended!”

Head of Partner Enablement, APAC at Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd.

Wang Lin Coco

“Greg from Channel Sales World, CSW has provided great ideas, feedback and ability to help create stronger and more professional messaging in our regional Channel Partner program. Speak to them if you require advice in this area.”

Channel Lead, APAC at Checkmarx

Kit Yee Kwok

“As the world we know is changing so will our business processes and applications. I have known Greg since our freshman year in college and he is ahead of the curve when it comes to adapting to new business processes. He's a channel expert, a learning adaptor to today's requirements and a friend. You should all check out his website, The future is bright if strategy and knowledge leads the way!”

Senior Business Executive at PV Executive Business Consulting, LLC

Dana Fiser

“Attended Greg's Channel Training and it was insightful and I came away a much better channel professional than before. Thank you Greg!”

Cyber-Security | APAC Channels

Ghim Hwee Tan